Japanese Pavilion

Pavilion Theme

Discovering Japan

A lifestyle with seasonal flowers and greenery

We are proud to present a world-class floriculture and diverse high quality flowers!

Japan is blessed with a rich seasonal climate where many different types of plants are brought into the daily lives in forms of Ikebana and bonsai, a unique Japanese culture passed on for generations.

In the 21st century where urbanization has progressed in many countries in the world, coexistence with nature has become an issue.
We take pride in introducing our long inherited culture that integrates nature into our lifestyle and enriches our lives by showcasing the beautiful flowers of Japan and its seasonal floriculture.

春のイメージ 夏のイメージ 秋のイメージ 冬のイメージ

Site planning

Ikebana and Bonsai are good examples of how variety of plants from distinct four seasons are incorporated into the Japanese lifestyle.
Discover how we enjoy life by integrating nature into our daily lives.

  • Information

    Area for Information cards and pamphlet of the exhibition hall. Contact point for florists.

  • Bonsai display area

    The world-famous Bonsai will be displayed in the eave facing the Japanese garden.

  • Entrance display area

    Decorative seasonal flower will be displayed at the start of each show.

  • Main exhibition stand

    Area for flower display by the Japanese government, local governments, corporate groups.

  • Performance stand

    Area for exhibitions, workshops and mini events.
    ※ For details, refer to the event schedule

  • Ikebana Exhibition Stand

    Area for traditional Japanese culture and Ikebana.
    Charming Ikebana of Ikenobo, Ohara and Sogetsu style

  • Bonsai Exhibition Stand

    Area to introduce bonsai and how to enjoy them
    Bonsai images provided by the Omiya Bonsai Museum of Art and bonsai exhibits by the Japan Flower Culture Association.

  • Business talk corner

    Area for business with florists.

  • Information stand

    Area introducing Japan's diverse climate and Japan's advanced breeding techniques.

  • Flower arrangement stand

    Flower arrangement by the Japan Flower Designers Association using flowers for contest and export promotion.

  • Flower Display Stand

    Area to display flower from the International Horticultural Expo Contest.

  • Sponsor exhibition corner

    Promotional area for sponsoring organization.

Japanese Pavilion

Numerous beautiful Japanese flowers from each season will be on display, including high-quality flowers for export and those participating in the competition certified by AIPH. Find your favorite one!
Click here for a list of flowers that had already been on display.

Contact Us

For more information regarding the import of Japanese floricultural products, please contact us at the below.

Japan Flowers and Plants Export Association

Yamaichi Building 4F, 3-6-17, Higashi Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004 Japan

 TEL +81 3 3664 8739
 FAX +81 3 3664 8473